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Sagrada Madre Copalera

Sagrada Madre Copalera

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Sagrada Madre Copalera


Sagrada Madre Copalera: The Essence of Tradition

Discover the ancestral magic with the Sagrada Madre Copalera, an artisanal jewel that becomes the heart of your spiritual rituals and ceremonies.

Meticulously handcrafted by local artisans, this copalera combines rich cultural heritage with exceptional functionality, offering you an unparalleled mystical experience.


  • Natural Materials: Made with high-quality clay and sustainable materials, the copalera stands out for its durability and natural beauty. Each piece is unique, reflecting a deep connection with the earth.

  • Authentic Design: Inspired by pre-Hispanic traditions, it features sacred motifs and symbols that honor the spiritual roots of Mesoamerica. Its detailed finish and meticulous polishing make it a true work of art.

  • Usability: Perfect for burning copal, incense sticks, bombs, and other resins, its structure allows for even combustion, releasing purifying aromas that elevate your sacred space and connect you with the divine.

  • Ideal Size: With carefully balanced dimensions, the copalera is compact enough to fit any altar or meditation space without sacrificing its functional capacity.


  • Purification and Harmonization: Use the copalera to burn palo santo or herbs, acclaimed for their purifying and protective properties. The sacred smoke cleanses negative energies and attracts positive vibrations.

  • Spiritual Connection: Creates an environment conducive to meditation, reflection, and healing rituals. The copalera is a channel that connects you with your ancestors and the universe.

  • Meaningful Gift: Ideal for those who value spirituality and traditional art, this copalera is a significant gift that carries the essence of history and devotion.

How to Use:

  1. Place your favorite spiritual element in the container, such as palo santo, a bundle of herbs, incense stick, or incense bomb.
  2. Light it and place it inside the copalera.
  3. Let it burn slowly, releasing its sacred aroma.
  4. Enjoy the purified atmosphere and the spiritual connection it provides.

The Sagrada Madre Copalera is not just an instrument; it is a tangible manifestation of spiritual heritage and traditional art.

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