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Sagrada Madre Natural Amber Incense

Sagrada Madre Natural Amber Incense

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Sagrada Madre Natural Amber Incense


Natural Amber Incense - Sagrada Madre.

Discover the warm and enveloping fragrance of natural Amber incense from Sagrada Madre.

This incense, made with carefully selected amber resins, will transport you to an oasis of peace and harmony.


Create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Promotes deep relaxation and emotional well-being.

Relieves stress and anxiety, dispelling worries.

Promotes meditation and spiritual connection.

Bring a touch of warmth and light to your home.


Made with 100% natural amber resins.

No artificial fragrances or chemicals, just the pure essence of amber.

Long lasting thick rods (approximately 60 minutes each).

Warm, sweet and slightly resinous aroma, with vanilla and balsamic notes.

Sagrada Madre:

Sagrada Madre a brand committed to the production of high quality incense.

At Sagrada Madre, they carefully select the best raw materials and work with them with passion to offer you a unique and authentic aromatic experience.

Discover the magic of natural Amber incense from Sagrada Madre and let yourself be enveloped by its multiple benefits.

Use tips:

Light the incense stick and wait for the tip to light.

Turn off the flame and place the stick in a suitable incense holder.

Enjoy the fragrance while the stick is consumed, allowing its aromas to transport you to a state of peace and tranquility.


Do not leave incense burning unattended.

Keep incense out of the reach of children and pets.

Ventilate the room after using the incense.

Experience the warmth and well-being of natural Sagrada Madre Amber incense and create an atmosphere full of harmony in your home.

Do you want to enjoy a unique aromatic experience?


Made with yagra, natural charcoal, salt and plant-based binders.

Each box contains 8 extra long thick rods.

Each stick lasts 1 hour.

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