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De-smoking bomb activated Infinite...

De-smoking bomb activated Infinite Abundance X 4 Sagrada Madre Sachet

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De-smoking bomb activated Infinite Abundance X 4 Sagrada Madre Sachet


Infinite Abundance Activated Defumation Bomb - Sagrada Madre Bag x 4.

Manifest the abundance you desire and open the doors to unlimited prosperity with the Infinite Abundance Activated Defuming Bomb from Sagrada Madre Sachet.

Enjoy 4 natural and artisanal defumation bombs, made with:

Blend of herbs and resins: carefully selected for their properties to attract wealth, prosperity and abundance, such as cinnamon, orange, lemongrass and rosemary.

Activated carbon: facilitates combustion and enhances the release of the aroma and properties of herbs and resins.

Artisanal preparation : each bag is made with dedication, love and positive energy, transmitting vibrations of abundance, success and fortune.


Attraction of abundance: open the doors to financial prosperity in all areas of your life.

Manifestation: helps you realize your goals and objectives related to money and abundance.

Fortune: increases your luck and helps you make wise decisions that lead to financial success.

Opportunities: attracts new business, work and investment opportunities.

Fluidity: facilitates the flow of financial energy in your life.

Natural Fragrance: A warm, spicy and citrus aroma that creates a positive, motivating and welcoming environment.

How to use:

Preparation: Find a quiet and ventilated space. Place the bulb on a heat resistant surface. Light a charcoal and place it on the bag.

Intention: Visualize how infinite abundance flows into your life. Focus on the energy of wealth, prosperity and fortune.

Route: You can perform defuming in your space, directing the smoke towards corners and places where you feel that the energy is stagnant. You can also perform defumation on your body, passing the steaming bag in front and behind, without touching it.

Gratitude: At the end of the defumation, thank you for the energy received and the openness to infinite abundance.

Ventilation: Ventilate the space after defuming to remove smoke and allow positive energy to flow freely.


Frequency: It is recommended to perform defumation once a week or according to your intuition.

Combination: You can combine defumation with other abundance attraction rituals, such as visualization, positive affirmation or meditation.

Intention: The key to getting results is to maintain a positive attitude and a strong belief in the power of defumation for infinite abundance.

With the Infinite Abundance Activated Defumation Bomb from Sagrada Madre Sachet, you can become a magnet for prosperity and attract unlimited wealth into your life.

Experience the magic of abundance and feel the positive energy flow into your life with Sagrada Madre defumation bombs !

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